About karma animal foundation

The founder of Karma Animal Foundation, Mala Sahni Seth, grew up in the tea plantations of Assam and blossomed amidst the bounties of nature. She learnt the life lessons in the heart of wildlife which she recollects as an essential anchor in her becoming compassionate toward creatures other than human. She considers herself blessed to have shared her childhood with a number of pets which conditioned her to emit love, care and above all respect to all forms of life irrespective of form or size.

When she moved to Delhi ....years ago, she felt numbed to see the plight of homeless animals on the mean streets of a heartless city. If nature is at once both , the graphically cruel and the poignantly tender , the city has but only unthinkable animosity to offer its teeming stray animals. These animals are the children of a lesser god....unsung, neglected, abused and forgotten.


When compassion takes wings , it soars relentlessly to the limitless skies. Mala took up the cudgels for the suffering ; feeding , neutering and caring for stray dogs and other small creatures. With unflagging energy and unceasing determination she has vaccinated, treated the sick and even homed the animals until they recouped. As of present she has over 135 dogs under her loving care.

But no good deed ever went unchallenged. She faced stiff opposition from a wide spectrum of people who were intolerant of any form of kindness toward the voiceless .That animals have no place in cities built by Man is the overriding concept which animal lovers like Mala have to fight against almost daily. It produced an outpouring of disgust and a clamor for reformatory ideas to meet her heightened desire of providing a safe haven for hapless animals in her city.

This heralded the beginning of a Trust aptly named “ Karma Animal Foundation “. Kaf found its entity on April 5, 2015, a sprawling home for the voiceless where they would enjoy a dignified existence in leafy environs backed with medical faciilties . Her husband Sunil Seth supported her dream and made KAF possible . KAF was also a token of dedication to Sanjeev Seth ,Sunil’s brother who passed away at an early age and Sunil wished to form a trust in his memory . Mala wants to provide her animal friends with an environment which allows them to live out their natural instincts.....a throwback to her wonder years in the lap of nature in Assam. She has acted in accordance with a higher value system while the rest of the community was losing its moral compass.


  1. To give animals a secure space where their basic needs are met with special care given to the homeless, old, abandoned, injured and disabled ones.
  2. Encouraging , involving and educating the younger generation to volunteer at KAF and interact with animals, thus instilling in them a sensitivity and responsibility toward species at our mercy , thereby making our children better and evolved human beings.
  3. Encouraging the people to adopt or sponsor abandoned pets or rescued animals.